2022 World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be the 22nd World Cup ever and the first championship in the Middle East. England qualified for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The football tournament takes place in the winter (months of November and December), with the opening game being played on November 21 and the final on December 18, 2022.

The FIFA World Cup is played every four years, and any football association is allowed to participate. The World Cup consists of qualifying rounds and a final tournament.

World Cup 2022
Host country: Qatar
Date: November 21, 2022 - December 18, 2022
Teams: 32
Games: 64
Host cities: 7
Stadiums: 8

Recently, the organization has come under fire because of the poor working conditions of the workers. Thousands of workers are said to have died in the construction of the stadiums and infrastructure.

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    FIFA has appointed the Qatar Football Association (QFA) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) as responsible for organizing the 2022 World Cup. The projects are part of a joint venture between FIFA and the LOC; FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) is responsible for the infrastructure and operational activities surrounding the football tournament.

    32 countries participate in the World Cup, namely the host country Qatar and 31 countries that qualify through the preliminary rounds. These countries will be placed in groups for the final tournament in Qatar.

    Teams must arrive in host country Qatar at least five days before the start of the first match. They are obliged to use hotels and accommodations designated by FIFA, and may stay there until no later than one day after the elimination.

    Official names of the 2022 World Cup

    FIFA has registered a number of official names for the 2022 World Cup:

    • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
    • FIFA World Cup 2022
    • FIFA World Cup
    • Qatar 2022
    World Cup 2022 logo
    Logo World Cup 2022

    World Cup 2022 schedule

    The World Cup 2022 schedule starts with the opening game at the Al Bayt Stadium on November 21 at 11 a.m. The final is at the Lusail Stadium on December 18 at 4 pm.

    The schedule is very short at 28 days. During the group stage, four games are played per day for 12 days. In the knockout rounds, two matches per day are played. The semifinals and the finals are played on one day each.

    Rest days in the schedule are Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 December. This means that the eighth finals connect directly to the group stage. Sunday 11 and Monday 12 December are also rest days between the quarterfinals and the semi-finals. Finally, the finalists can relax on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 December.

    Each match will have 90 minutes of regular time, consisting of two 45 minute periods with a 15 minute break. Any overtime will consist of two 15 minute periods, with a 5 minute break between regular time and overtime. The break in extra time lasts a maximum of one minute. Penalties are taken if the score is still tied after extra time.

    World Cup 2022 schedule
    World Cup 2022 schedule

    World Cup 2022 draw

    The draw for the group classification of the World Cup is on April 1, 2022. The draw is at the Exhibition and Convention Center in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The time of the draw is 6:00 PM.

    32 countries are participating in the 2022 World Cup draw, of which 29 teams are already known. The remaining 3 countries have yet to qualify through the intercontinental playoffs (2) and the European playoffs (1).

    Qualified countries for the 2022 World Cup

    These are the 29 qualified countries for the 2022 World Cup:

    • Qatar (host country, Asia)
    • Germany (11-10-2021, Europe)
    • Denmark (12-10-2021, Europe)
    • Brazil (11-11-2021, South America)
    • France (13-11-2021, Europe)
    • Belgium (13-11-2021, Europe)
    • Croatia (14-11-2021, Europe)
    • Spain (14-11-2021, Europe)
    • Serbia (14-11-2021, Europe)
    • Switzerland (15-11-2021, Europe)
    • England (15-11-2021, Europe)
    • Netherlands (16-11-2021, Europe)
    • Argentinia (17-11-2021, South America)
    • Iran (01-02-2022, Asia)
    • South Korea (01-02-2022, Asia)
    • Japan (24-03-2022, Asia)
    • Saudi Arabia (24-03-2022, Asia)
    • Ecuador (25-03-2022, South America)
    • Uruguay (25-03-2022, South America)
    • Canada (28-03-2022, North America)
    • Portugal (29-03-2022, Europe)
    • Poland (29-03-2022, Europe)
    • Senegal (29-03-2022, South Africa)
    • Cameroon (29-03-2022, South Africa)
    • Ghana (29-03-2022, South Africa)
    • Morocco (29-03-2022, South Africa)
    • Tunisia (29-03-2022, South Africa)
    • Mexico (31-03-2022, North America)
    • United States (31-03-2022, North America)

    View all about the participants and qualified countries.

    Stadiums World Cup 2022

    Qatar has proposed 8 stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. The total estimated budget for the football stadiums is $ 3 billion. Qatar will develop and use eco-friendly technologies for cooling the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup. These technologies can then also be used by other countries.

    After the 2022 World Cup, the built stadiums will be reduced in size, after which they will be used as permanent stadiums for regional clubs. Parts of the stadium can also be used as separate modules by other countries in Asia.

    The opening match will be played in the Al Thumama Stadium, and the final of the World Cup in the Lusail Stadium.

    The World Football Championship will be played in 2022 in the following 8 stadiums:

    • Al Bayt Stadium
    • Al Thumama Stadium
    • Khalifa International Stadium
    • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
    • Al Janoub Stadium
    • Education City Stadium
    • Stadium 974
    • Lusail Stadium

    If a stadium has a retractable roof, FIFA determines whether the roof is open or closed during the match. The umpire has the power to close the roof during the game. The roof may only move when no one is on the field.

    Clocks are allowed in the stadium to indicate the progress of the match. The time must be stopped at the end of normal playing time, i.e. after 45 and 90 minutes. The time may also run during any additional time.

    The large screens will be used by the fourth official to show the substitutions, as well as the number of minutes of stoppage time that will be added.

    World Cup 2022 stadiums - Al Bayt Stadium
    World Cup 2022 stadiums - Al Bayt Stadium

    Natural grass or artificial grass during the 2022 World Cup

    The 2022 World Cup matches will be played on natural grass. Artificial grass is allowed through special dispensation from the World Football Association.

    Natural grass pitches may no longer be used for non-football events from two months before the start of the tournament. As a result, FIFA hopes that the quality of the natural grass will be optimal for the final tournament. It may not even be used for anything from a month before the start.

    If synthetic turf is used, the pitch must meet the requirements of the FIFA Quality Program for Football Turf and the International Artificial Turf Standard.

    In principle, the training fields have the same type of grass as in the stadiums in the same playing city.

    The football field during the World Cup in Qatar must have a size of 105 m in length and 68 in width. The height of the grass and watering are also prescribed.

    Behind the goals there will be enough space for players to warm up during the matches. A maximum of six players may warm up at a time, and only the goalkeeper may warm up with a ball.

    In the event of insufficient space behind the goals, a maximum of three players may simultaneously warm up along the line during the match. Goalkeepers are not allowed to use the ball.

    Obviously, the goal posts must be completely white, as well as the nets in the goal. Reserve goals, nets and corner flags will be provided to ensure the progress of the game.

    Training fields for the World Cup in Qatar

    The training fields for the World Cup in Qatar are made available no later than five days before the first game of a team. The day after the elimination, a team may use the training field for the last time.

    The teams are obliged to only use the prescribed fields for training or match preparation.

    Training locations are of optimal quality and are located near the players' hotel. A team may be on the bus for a maximum of 20 minutes.

    The size of a training field is 105m by 68m in size. There are lines and lighting around the field. There are showers, toilets, changing rooms and lockers.

    Host cities World Cup 2022

    Qatar has proposed 7 host cities for the 2022 World Cup to FIFA. The transport options during the 2022 World Cup will deviate from the usual options of a World Championship, because all playing cities are located at a relatively small distance from each other.

    The World Football Championship will be played in 2022 in the following 7 cities:

    • Losail
    • Doha
    • Khor
    • Ash Shamal
    • Al Wakrah
    • Umm Salal
    • Al Rayyan
    World Cup 2022 host cities
    World Cup 2022 host cities

    The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be compact and that has benefits for fans, FIFA and the environment. Due to the compact schedule, football fans do not have to travel far and often, saving money. All major facilities and host cities are located within a radius of 60 km. The environment is also less affected by this.

    Innovative technologies and advanced facilities will be built so that footballers and supporters can experience the 2022 World Cup in a cool environment.

    2022 World Cup in the winter because of the heat in the summer

    The 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18 in Qatar. That confirmed world football association FIFA Friday, September 15, 2015. The global tournament normally lasts 31 days, but is now shortened to 28 days.

    Shortest World Cup ever and first in the winter months

    A World Cup in the summer months is common, but in Qatar there is extreme heat. It will therefore be the first ever soccer World Cup in the winter.

    With just 28 days, the Qatar tournament is the shortest World Cup in 44 years. The 1978 global final battle in Argentina lasted 25 days.

    Major consequences for the gaming calendar

    Shifting the tournament to the winter has major consequences for the European calendar. The first World Cup ever in the winter caused a lot of fuss at major competitions in Europe. Almost all competitions continue there during the winter months.

    Top European clubs are being compensated for around 195 million euros for giving up players for the World Cups in Russia (2018) and Qatar.

    World Cup in November and December 2022

    The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be played in November and December, with the final of the tournament on December 18, 2022. With this, the final will be exactly on a national holiday of the host country.

    Given that the Winter Olympics are being held from 4 to 20 February 2022, Ramadan starts on 22 April 2022 and it is too hot to play football between May and September, the period November / December 2022 is the only remaining option for the World Football Championship. It is of course impossible to organize the 2022 World Cup outside that year.

    Watch matches live due to time zone Qatar

    Qatar guarantees that everyone can follow the matches at the right times via the internet and TV. The time zone of Qatar is UTC+3, allowing Europe to follow the games at a good time. The IT facilities in Qatar will be very advanced. Regarding safety and security during the 2022 World Cup, Qatar must prepare a very well-tested plan. It is difficult to test a safety plan under the conditions of a World Football Championship.

    World Cup 2022 times worldwide
    World Cup 2022 times worldwide

    Footballers/Players at the 2022 World Cup

    Each country must initially provide a preliminary list with a maximum of 35 players for the 2022 World Cup. These footballers have the nationality of the country they represent.

    The list will contain information on full names, shirt names, date and place of birth, passport number, size, weight, number of caps played and goals scored.

    Each country must then send a final list of 23 players to FIFA, of which at least 3 are goalkeepers. The players on this final list must also appear on the provisional list. The list also contains a maximum of 27 staff members.

    A football player on the final list may only be replaced in case of injury or illness until one day before the first group match.

    A player may only participate in the World Cup if he can identify himself by means of a passport.

    Football players are allowed to play their last game for their own club by November 13, 2022. They should be available for the national team on November 14, 2022.

    Shirts, uniforms and competition clothing during the World Cup

    The shirts, uniforms and match clothing during the World Cup must comply with FIFA rules.

    The uniform and other material must not bear any political, religious or personal message or slogan. This applies to match days as well as during training sessions and press conferences.

    Each team must be able to wear two different colors during the matches. These colors should be contrasting, and therefore should not resemble each other. This includes shirts, pants and socks. For goalkeepers, three different colors must be determined.

    FIFA determines which colors will be played, taking into account the preferences of a country. This prevents the shirts from looking too similar and confusing players.

    Only the numbers 1 to 23 may appear on the shirts, of which number 1 is intended for the goalkeeper. The number is small on the front of the shirt and on the pants. On the back of the shirt is a large number, with the name of the player above it.

    The teams also receive other materials to give to the teams, such as drinking bottles, coolers, medical bags, captain's armbands, and so on. Furthermore, the countries receive balls from FIFA, with which they are obliged to train.

    Referees at the World Cup in Qatar

    Referees, assistant referees, fourth officials and VARs for the World Cup in Qatar are designated by FIFA on a match-by-match basis.

    The leaders will be selected from the international list and may not lead matches from their own country's group.

    There will be a reserve umpire for each match. If a referee or flagger is unable to whistle/flag the game, he is replaced by the fourth official.

    Alcohol and beer allowed in limited places in Qatar

    It is forbidden to drink alcohol in the stadiums during the 2022 World Cup. In the predominantly Muslim country, Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, but non-Muslims may still be able to get a permit to drink beer in certain places.

    With this measure, Qatar ensures that football fans cannot enjoy a beer before, during and after the game. Of course, with this prohibition, the organization also hopes to prevent riots and disturbances.

    The ban on alcohol during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar leads to a major problem for FIFA. Beer producer Budweiser is a major sponsor of FIFA and has been donating beer since 1986 during the World Football Championship.

    Host country Qatar

    Qatar is one of the countries bidding on the organization of the 2022 World Cup. A World Football Championship in Qatar will be the first ever global sporting event in the Middle East. Qatar is located in the middle of the Middle East and is accessible to all football fans from all over the world. By holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, soccer becomes popular with more than 435 million people from the Middle East.

    The locals are known for their hospitality and sharing food with guests. Offering Arabic coffee and sweets is part of this hospitality.

    Holiday Resorts and Historic Buildings

    Qatar has many beautiful resorts where people can relax and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. Some of these resorts are located on the coast and close to major cities. As a tourist you can walk for miles along the coast.

    In addition, Qatar has historic buildings and castles, such as Al Zubarah Fort, Doha Fort, Barzan Towers and Umm Salal Fort. There are several museums, such as the Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village and Souq Waqif.

    The nature of Qatar

    The waters around Qatar are very clear and ideal for water sports, fishing and diving at shipwrecks and coral reefs. The host country also has a number of small islands, artificial or not, such as Palm Island, Pearl Island and the Zekreet peninsula.
    In addition to the beaches and islands, Qatar also has beautiful deserts and stony terrains. Visitors to the 2022 World Championship can book trips to the desert, ride camels and camp in a Bedouin tent. The Al Jassasiya is a stony area with prehistoric sculptures.

    Compact World Cup football has advantages

    The World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be compact and that has benefits for fans, FIFA and the environment. Due to the compact schedule, football fans do not have to travel far and often, saving money. All major facilities and play cities are located within a radius of 60 km. The environment is also less affected by this.

    Innovative technologies and advanced facilities will be built so that footballers and supporters can experience the 2022 World Cup in a cool environment.

    Qatar invests heavily in stadiums and infrastructure

    Qatar spends $ 500 million every week on the 2022 World Cup. Major investments are being made to improve infrastructure and money will be thrown in every week, expected to be in 2021. This brings the total investment to around $ 200 billion.

    The investments are not only made for the football stadiums, but also for roads, railways, airports and ports. Minister of Finance, Ali Shareef Al-Emadi, indicated that 90% of all contracts for work for the World Cup have been awarded for years.

    The host country has little experience

    The organization of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is supported by the national and local authorities, the city authorities and the stadiums. Football is still developing in the country and the youth teams have already achieved some international successes. In the past, Qatar has also organized the World Championship under 20 years (1995), the Asia Games (2006) and the Asia Cup (2011).

    Due to the fact that Qatar has never organized a football tournament of such a large size and new stadiums have been built, the 2019 World Cup is being played as a test in the host country.

    Football fans from all over the world will experience the magic of traditional Arabian hospitality. People will leave Qatar afterwards with a new image about the Middle East. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar brings people from all continents together, so that people will understand each other better. This fits perfectly with the FIFA: For the Game slogan; for the world.

    Allocation World Cup 2022 to Qatar
    Allocation World Cup 2022 to Qatar

    World Cup 2022 allocation

    During the FIFA meeting on 19 and 20 December 2008, it was confirmed that a bidding process for two World Championships is being held simultaneously. Interested countries will be invited to express their interest in the 2018 and / or 2022 World Cup. This is the first time that the organizers of two World Championships have been announced simultaneously. On 2 December 2010 it was decided that Qatar will be the host country for the 2022 World Cup.

    Two weeks after the announcement of Qatar as the host country for the 2022 World Cup, Joseph Blatter makes a trip to the Gulf state. Upon arrival at the Qatar Football Association (QFA) headquarters, he met Mohamed bin Hammam (president of the Asian Football Confederation), Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani (president of the QFA), Saoud Al-Mohannadi (secretary of the QFA) ) and Hassan Al-Thawadi (CEO of the Bid Committee of Qatar).

    FIFA President and Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani continued their way to the press conference, where official agreements for the organization of the 2022 World Cup are ready to be signed. "I am delighted to be in Qatar today, December 16, 2010 and to be able to sign these documents," Blatter said. He congratulated the Qatar Football Association and the Bid Committee. FIFA is very satisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee to allocate the 2022 World Cup to an Arab country for the first time in history. Football will therefore be promoted worldwide.

    The previous major football tournament for England was the European Championship 2020, the next being the European Championship 2024 in Germany. The next World Championship is the 2026 World Cup in America.

    World Cup 2022 frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    When will the 2022 World Cup be held?

    The 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022, i.e. in winter.

    Where will the 2022 World Cup be held?

    The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, in the Middle East.

    Why is the 2022 World Cup in winter?

    The 2022 World Cup is in winter due to the extreme heat in summer in Qatar.


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