World Cup 2022 throphy, medals and awards

The 2022 World Cup throphy will be awarded to the winner of the football event. The throphy remains the property of FIFA. The winning team will take home a replica of the official throphy.

After the final, the FIFA World Cup Trophy will be presented to the winner during the on-field ceremony. This gold cup is only displayed during ceremonies and after the final.

As soon as the players go to the locker room, the cup must be returned to the World Football Association. The official cup may not be taken outside the stadium by the champion.

The replica is named the FIFA World Cup Winner's Trophy. This counterfeit will become the property of the winning country and may be taken as a memento of the outstanding achievement.

FIFA is responsible for engraving the winning team's name. The team is responsible for the security and safety of the cup it currently holds.

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    Plaque and diploma

    Each participating country will receive a plaque as a souvenir of the tournament. The first three countries also receive an official diploma.

    Medals for players and referees

    Medals are awarded to the players of the top three countries, with the winner receiving gold medals, the runner-up silver and the runner-up bronze.

    Referees and assistants leading the consolation and finals will also receive medals for their participation.

    Fair Play cup

    The Fair Play Cup is awarded to the team that finishes first in the Fair Play standings. This is a ranking of teams that have played the game the fairest.

    The winning team will also receive a diploma and a voucher worth USD 50,000. This voucher can be spent on football equipment for the development of youth football.

    Each player and staff member of the Fair Play winner will receive a medal personally.

    The points for the Fair Play ranking consists of positive points and negative points, with the emphasis on the positive contribution of a country.

    There are minus points for yellow and red cards. Positive points are awarded for positive play (attacking and attractive play), respect for the opponent, respect for the referees and assistants, behavior of the team staff, and the behavior of the supporters.

    Golden, Silver and Bronze Shoe for the top scorers

    The Golden Boot will be awarded to the player who scores the most goals in the final tournament.

    If two or more players have scored the same number of goals, one looks at the number of assists, then the number of minutes played. The player with the best score in the fewest minutes wins.

    The Silver and Bronze Shoe will be awarded to the number two and three respectively.

    Golden, Silver and Bronze Ball for the best players

    The Golden Ball will be presented to the best player of the tournament. Naturally, the numbers two and three receive the Silver and Bronze Ball.

    Golden Glove for best goalkeeper

    The Golden Glove is awarded to the best goalkeeper of the 2022 World Championship.

    FIFA's Technical Study Group determines which goalkeeper will win the trophy.

    Young Player Award for the best youth player

    The Young Player Award is for the best youth player of the football tournament.

    The player must have been born after January 1, 2001 in order to belong to the youth.

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    The 2022 World Cup throphy will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. The throphy remains the property of FIFA. The winning team will take home a replica of the official throphy.

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