World Cup 2022 betting

World Cup 2022 betting with the best bookmakers with the highest odds. World Cup qualification started in March 2021, and since then bookmakers have been offering a lot of bets. Betting on the World Cup has never been easier.

Bookmakers of the 2022 World Cup

You can bet on the 2022 World Cup at bookmakers. It is very easy to bet on the outcome of a match, because you usually do not need to get the exact result right. With the best bookmakers of the 2022 World Cup, you can also bet on the goalscorer, number of cards, number of corners or the half time score.

These are the best known and most reliable bookmakers of the 2022 World Cup:

Bookmaker Bonus Play now
Bet-at-home Bet-at-home
Bonus: 100% up to £50
MrGreen MrGreen
Bonus: 100% up to £100
Unibet Unibet
Bonus: 100% up to £50
William Hill William Hill
Bonus: 300% up to £20
Bwin Bwin
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Energy Casino Energy Casino
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Royal Panda Royal Panda
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Favorites for the 2022 World Cup

Favorites for the 2022 World Cup are the well-known top countries, such as Brazil, France, Germany, Spain and England. With the larger bookmakers you can already bet on one of these countries. Because a lot can still happen in the run to the World Championship in the winter, it mainly comes down to your insight into the developments of players. If you expect a team to develop well, then a gamble on that land is worth it.

These are the favorites for the 2022 World Cup:

# Team
1 France
2 Brazil
3 Germany
4 Spain
5 England
6 Belgium
7 Argentina
8 The Netherlands
9 Italy
10 Portugal

The underdogs for the title are Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal. These football countries have been performing very well for years, but are just not among the absolute top favorites. Again, this also applies; the sooner you bet, the bigger your winnings can be.

The chances of winning decrease as the tournament gets closer. This means that you now take a little more risk, but that it will eventually pay for itself twice.

If you want to go for the big money, you can also bet on outsiders such as Chile, the US or Turkey. Since the tournament is played in just a few weeks, the winner largely depends on the format at the time. By betting on the winner of the World Cup 2022 you can win a lot.

World Cup qualification betting

Betting on World Cup qualification is possible before any match. Countries take the qualifying matches very seriously, so that as a football fan you can make a good estimate of the course and the outcome of the match.

There are hundreds of qualifying matches over two years, so the offer is very large. Bookmakers also offer many different types of bets per match. For example, you can also bet on corners, fouls, cards and corner kicks.

The qualifying round consists of 10 groups with 5 or 6 teams. With most bookmakers you can predict who will be the group winner and which team will finish second. These chances are also easy to estimate with some football knowledge.

Group winners of the World Cup qualification

The numbers one and two from the groups will qualify for the final tournament in Qatar. Which teams will become group winners? Bookmakers expect both the Netherlands and Belgium to come out on top.

Other pool winners, according to the bookmakers, are Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Croatia, England and Germany. These are of course the largest football countries in Europe.

Group winner A

# Land
1 Portugal
2 Serbia
3 Ireland
4 Azerbaijan
5 Luxembourg

Group winner B

# Land
1 Spain
2 Sweden
3 Greece
4 Kosovo
5 Georgia

Group winner C

# Land
1 Italy
2 Switzerland
3 Northern Ireland
4 Bulgaria
5 Lithuania

Group winner D

# Land
1 France
2 Ukraine
3 Bosnia Herz.
4 Finland
5 Kazakhstan

Group winner E

# Land
1 Belgium
2 Czech Republic
3 Wales
4 Belarus
5 Estonia

Group winner F

# Land
1 Denmark
2 Austria
3 Scotland
4 Israel
5 Faroe Islands
6 Moldavia

Group winner G

# Land
1 The Netherlands
2 Norway
3 Turkey
4 Montenegro
5 Latvia
6 Gibraltar

Group winner H

# Land
1 Croatia
2 Russia
3 Slovakia
4 Slovenia
5 Cyprus
6 Malta

Group winner I

# Land
1 England
2 Poland
3 Hungary
4 Albania
5 Andorra
6 San Marino

Group winner J

# Land
1 Germany
2 Romania
3 Iceland
4 Macedonia
5 Armenia
6 Liechtenstein
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