World Cup 2022 logo with solidarity and Arabic culture

The World Cup 2022 logo stands for an event that involves and connects football fans from all over the world. Elements from the regional and Arabic culture are also expressed.

World Cup 2022 logo

The curves of the logo represent the waves of desert dunes and the continuous loop shows both the number 8 and a symbol for infinity.

The number 8 stands for the 8 beautiful football stadiums, and the loop reflects the interconnected nature of the football event.

The World Cup can be seen with some imagination in the World Cup logo. The shape of a traditional woolen scarf, which is worn worldwide by everyone in the winter months, is clearer.

World Cup 2022 logo op gebouw

Embroidered details can often be seen on shawls in the Arab world, and is also incorporated in the logo. With this, FIFA celebrates the diversity of the population in Qatar and the fact that this is the second World Cup in Asia.

The scarf naturally refers to the winter. This will be the first time that the World Championship is played in the winter, namely in November and December 2022.

The unveiling of the World Cup 2022 logo

The official World Cup 2022 logo was unveiled by FIFA and Qatar on 3 September 2019 as the next major milestone on the road to the major football event.

The unveiling of the World Cup 2022 logo took place at 8:22 pm in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Thousands of spectators saw the emblem projected on various well-known buildings around the world.

World Cup 2022 logo gebouw strand

A number of major cities around the world are celebrating this milestone in Qatar. They displayed the World Cup logo on buildings and billboards in important public places.

Many famous football players and FIFA legends shared the logo on social media, reaching millions of fans.

The meaning of the World Cup 2022 logo

The logo of the World Championship 2022 consists of many large and small elements, each with their own meaning.

World Cup 2022 logo elementen
  • The flow of the scarf: the top of the logo is the elegant movement of the scarf, which is worn worldwide by different people and in different styles.
  • Diacritical signs: above and below the Arabic letters.
  • Football: in geometric style, referring to the Arabic culture.
  • An intriguing 3D object: made to surprise and to enjoy. The logo can rotate, creating a perfect circle as a reference to the globe and a football.
  • Shape of the world cup: the most famous symbol in the football world.
  • Decorative elements: flowery patterns, such as embroidered on the scarves in Qatar, are important for the heritage of the host country. Based on Arabic art, it shows the richness of art from the Middle East.
  • Infinite symbol and number 8: the logo has several meanings, such as the eight stadiums in Qatar and the connection between people during and after the World Cup.
  • Font with a human touch: the elegant, handwritten Arabic script. Note the unique Q and the extension line, the kasheeda.

Font style logo World Cup 2022

The font at the bottom of the logo brings Qatari culture to the rest of the world. It brings the traditional Arabic writing method together with world languages through the integration of certain elements.

One of those elements in the logo is the 'kasheeda'. This is an extension of a line between the letters to improve the elegance of the word.

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The WK 2022 logo stands for an event that involves and connects football fans. Elements from the Arabic culture are also reflected in the logo.