World Cup 2022 news

Below are news and promotions from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar has announced its schedule for the 2022 World Cup 16-07-2020 - The FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule has been announced by FIFA. In the group stage, four games are played per day. Read further »
US and not Qatar should host the 2022 World Cup Blatter said 15-04-2020 - Former FIFA president Blatter believes the US or Germany should host the 2022 World Cup. In 2010 Qatar was awarded the World Cup under his leadership. Read further »
US Justice proves bribery of FIFA in World Cup allocation to Qatar 08-04-2020 - US justice proves that there was bribery in the allocation of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. FOX executives sold the TV rights. Read further »
Qatar is on schedule with another 1000 days until the 2022 World Cup 25-02-2020 - The 2022 World Cup in Qatar starts in 1,000 days. The host country is on schedule with the construction of the stadiums and the construction of roads, metro lines and train tracks. Read further »
Africa's 2nd World Cup qualifying round is announced after the draw 22-01-2020 - The World Cup qualification for Africa is known. After the draw on January 21, 40 countries in 10 groups will play for a place in the third African qualifying round. Read further »
WK 2022 logo revealed with solidarity and Arabic culture 03-09-2019 - The World Cup 2022 logo was unveiled in Doha. It radiates connectedness and contains things from the Arabic culture. The World Cup logo looks like an 8, the cup and a scarf. Read further »
WK 2022 logo revealed on September 3 20-08-2019 - The logo of the 2022 World Cup will be unveiled on 3 September. FIFA holds a voting competition for the best logo of the World Championship ever beforehand. Read further »
World Cup 2022 qualification Africa competitions 1st round 01-08-2019 - The World Cup 2022 qualification for Africa has started. 28 countries compete against each other in the first round of this qualifying series for the World Cup in Qatar. Read further »
2022 World Cup qualification Asia groups 2nd round 31-07-2019 - The World Cup 2022 qualification for Asia has started; 40 Asian countries compete with each other for a place at the World Championship 2022. Read further »
Former UEFA president Platini has been questioned for corruption around World Cup 2022 20-06-2019 - In connection with corruption surrounding the allocation of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, former UEFA chairman Michel Platini was arrested and questioned as a witness. Read further »