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This is an informative website about the World Cup 2022. This website contains everything about the tournament and the preliminaries, such as the schedule, the standings and the results. Furthermore, this site contains information about additional matters, such as the ball, the mascot, the song and the allocation process. Check the sitemap for an overview of all pages. You will of course be kept informed of the latest news.

In addition to information, worldcup2022football.co.uk/ also promotes football betting. This form of advertising corresponds well with the subject of the website, namely football. As a visitor you are in no way required to participate in these bets. An attempt is made to show visitors the best offers and promotions from various bookmakers.


If information is missing or if the information is not (entirely) correct, please contact us.

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Patrick (author and webmaster)

The content on this website is written and created by Patrick. He is the only individual responsible for the website and the content on the pages. This webmaster does not work for a related company or institution, so the information is reliable and independent.

Patrick has been playing football for more than 25 years and follows the daily news closely.

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