Automated offside technology at the 2022 World Cup

Semi-automatic offside technology will be applied to the 2022 World Championship. This technology will greatly aid the VAR and the referee, making decisions faster and more accurate.

Offside has been a topic of discussion since the dawn of football, and with the advent of VAR it has already improved somewhat. Still, it is occasionally a matter of interpretation, and making a decision takes quite a lot of time. This should be a thing of the past with the advent of this semi-automatic offside technology.

FIFA has developed and successfully tested the technology in recent years. The football association has organized various test events and this technology was also used during the Arab Cup 2021 and the World Cup for clubs in 2021.

The new technology uses 12 special cameras that track the ball, which are mounted under the roof of the stadium. Furthermore, these cameras record 29 data points per player, 50 times per second, so that their exact position on the field can be accurately determined.

A sensor will be placed in the official ball of the 2022 World Cup, Al Rihla. This sensor transmits data 500 times per second, so that it can be determined exactly when the ball is kicked.

When an attacker is offside, the VAR first receives a notification. The line and the point from which the ball was kicked are determined within a few seconds, after which the VAR can decide to signal the referee on the field. A 3D image showing the lines and the moment of play is then shown to the spectators on the large screens in the stadium and on TV.

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Published on: 01-07-2022 19:30 | Updated on: 01-07-2022 19:30 | By: Patrick

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Semi-automatic offside technology will be applied to the 2022 World Championship. There are 12 special cameras and a sensor inside the ball.

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