More than 6500 dead in stadium construction in the past 10 years

More than 6,500 workers have already died during the construction of the football stadiums in Qatar. This high death toll is the result of modern slave labor in the host country for the 2022 World Cup.

According to the English newspaper The Guardian, the victims come from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The deaths have occurred in the past 10 years while the stadiums are being built, which should be ready before 2022.

The actual number of deaths is probably even higher, as not all data from all countries has been examined. It is also not known where exactly the people died, nor the cause of death. Nevertheless, it is suspected that the extreme heat is the main culprit.

Qatar has been criticized for its treatment of guest workers since the assignment. In recent years, millions of workers have worked in the oil state, and 6,500 deaths are not seen as abnormal.

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Published on: 23-02-2021 19:00 | Updated on: 23-02-2021 19:00 | By: Patrick

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More than 6,500 workers have died in the construction of the stadiums in Qatar. Over the past 10 years, millions of people have worked on the upcoming World Cup.